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3 Axles U Type Dump Truck Trailers

3 axles U shape dump tipper trailer is good at high strength, strong lifting force, good rigidity and toughness, and strong carrying capacity, we can provide you with the perfect design for U shape dump tipper trailer ,The loading capacities have 20CBM,25CBM, 30CBM and 40CBM ,60CBM capacities, also we can change the technical specifications as your requirements.

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Product Features

1. Material: chassis designed in accordance with international transportation standards is used, and a chassis prepared with an “I” -shaped cross-section central is welded by an embedded welding machine. They are welded between 120 / 12mm bottom or top flat steel and 5mm wheel hub plates with high resistance for max efficiency in all roads and weather conditions.
2. High loading capacity: U type and rectangle. It has high strength, strong lifting force, rigidity, good toughness, strong carrying capacity, and no permanent deformation occurs.
3. Lifting type: The U-shaped tipper trailer is provided by a 5-stage heavy-duty telescopic cylinder, which can provide a 45-degree cultivation angle. The oil reservoir has a suction filter, a dump type pneumatic remote control, 2 speed reducing valves and a limit control safety device. The fuel tank must be added to the trailer, the hydraulic contact between the trailer and the conveyor is provided by 2 sockets.
4. High quality lifting system: Customers choose a well-known brand hydraulic cylinder lifting system.

Application of 3 axles U type Tipper/Dump Semi Trailer With HYVA system: Widely used to transport sand, stone, coal and other solid building materials or industrial raw materials. Rear dump semi-trailers are designed to make unloading easier. After the back of the trailer is locked, sand can be loaded. When it arrives at the destination, the front side of the semi-trailer can be raised, which makes the goods drop from the back. The bucket of the trailer requires a thicker steel plate, because the goods are often hard materials, and the steel plate can prevent the cargo from damaging the trailer.

After sales service

Luyi are famous building machinery manufacturer, professional construction machinery exporter and one stop solution supplier in China, our team have  more than 15 years experience in this field already.
(1) Warranty: one year, during which we will repair or replace the defective parts free of charge if material or process defects occur and spare parts are in normal working condition.
(2) Spare parts: Luyi Vehicle provide spare parts with the highest quality, exact fitness and appropriate function. with our global distributor network,
(3) Installation & Maintenance: Luyi Vehicle will provide with the overall installation of complicated machinery, allowing you to start the normal operation of construction machinery solutions. After installation, we will make inspection of tipper trailer, operate equipment, and provide you with testing data reports of installation and operation.