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Middle Side Dump Semi Trailer

Luyi middle side dump semi trailer is also called tipper trailer or tipping trailer. According to the way of unloading, it is divided into backward tilting, side tilting and mid-dividing (the bucket does not move). Backward tilting and side tilting are the most common tilting methods used, but when the road is uneven, there are defects that it is easy to roll over. The middle side dump semi trailer can avoid this danger. The characteristic of this unloading method is that there is cargo on both sides of the vehicle after unloading.

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Rear dump trailers are used to load sand, stone, coal and other solid building materials or industrial raw materials. Rear dump semi-trailers are designed to make unloading easier. After the back of the trailer is locked, sand can be loaded. When it arrives at the destination, the front side of the semi-trailer can be raised, which makes the goods drop from the back. The bucket of the trailer requires more thicker steel plate, because the goods are often hard materials, and the high strong steel plate can prevent the cargo from damaging the trailer.

Product Features

LUYI U-type tipper trailer is designed and fabricated in the shape as shown in figure 10 below. This type of trailer provides you with the following benefits in your job operations.
1. More convenient loading, unloading safely and driving swimmingly.
2. Light weight, strong carrying capacity, adaptable to different road conditions, the middle dump trailer will never deform.
3. The vehicle has a low center of gravity for unloading, and the middle floor lifts and unloads, which is safer and more stable. The side box body adopts an automatic door opening structure, which reduces the labor intensity of the driver. The driver is safer when the trailer’s door is opened, and can reduce the risk of dust to the driver’s health.
4. More uses More security.

Application of Middle dump semi trailer

Widely used in construction engineering, municipal engineering, road construction, sanitation, mining, limestone kiln, stone plant, cement plant, cement plant, starch plant, brick plant, fire resistant plant, coking plant, phosphate fertilizer plant, chemical fertilizer plant, concentrator plant, construction team, railway station, coal yard, bee coal yard, wharf, etc. Can save manpower greatly, reduce labor intensity.

After sales service

Luyi are famous building machinery manufacturer, professional construction machinery exporter and one stop solution supplier in China, our team have more than 15 years experience in this field already.
1. Warranty: Every product issued shall enjoy a one-year/2000 working hour warranty period, during which we will repair or replace the defective parts free of charge if material or process defects occur and spare parts are in normal working condition.
2. Spare parts: Luyi is dedicated to provide our clients with genuine spare parts with the highest quality, exact fitness and appropriate function. with our global distributor network, you are guaranteed with fast deliveries and services, wherever you are, please submit your spare parts request to us, and list products name ,description of required parts. we guarantee that your request will be handled quickly and appropriately.
3. Installation & Maintenance: Luyi is able to provide with the overall installation of complicated machinery, allowing you to start the normal operation of construction machinery solutions. After installation, we will make inspection of the whole machine, operate equipment, and provide you with testing data reports of installation and operation.
4. Training: Luyi offer perfect facilities and comfortable environment and can provide training services to different users. The training sessions include product training, operation training, maintenance know-how, technical know-how training, standards, laws and regulations training and other training, all of which are tailored to fulfill your individual needs. Training programs can be conducted in our factory field, or at the client’s site.
5. Technical Advice: Luyi can also help customers to coordinate with trained service personnel and provide you with detailed and extensive knowledge. Through our technical advice, your machine life can be significantly extended and sustained high capacity.