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Side Tipper Dump Semi Trailer

Luyi side tipper dump semi trailer is another type of dump truck, and it allows goods to be unloaded from the side. It uses hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps and a dump-bucket on one side. The other side of the panel can be opened and locked. It is designed to be side dumping. Because the space is too small in some places, and lateral unloading can greatly save space. Side dump trailer / tipper trailers also use thick steel plates so that transporting the building materials also won’t cause great damage to the trailer.

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Product Features

1. The high-quality steel makes the trailer itself lighter, but strong enough to handle heavy loads, so the transport company can load more tons.
2. The most skilled workers make the welding of this dump truck more frequent and firm.
3. Customized dumper box size and U-shape, box thickness, HYVA hydraulic cylinder and optional accessories (two spare tire frames, water tank, fuel tank, etc.) are all customized according to different freight needs, thus forming a modern transportation mode.
4. The front of the box is also designed with a step ladder and a tarpaulin frame, which is convenient for the driver to cover the tarpaulin, and a large number of tarpaulin hooks are reserved on both sides of the box to facilitate the cover operation.
5. The box is removable, you can choose your own box according to the different transport materials.

Product Parameters

Application of Hydraulic Modular Self Propelled Shipyard Transporter Trailer, elevating and assembly of hull blocks in dockyard. Mainly used inside of shipyard for transport of oversize ship section, ship diesel engine and other abnormal ship components. If a complete vessel over 600 metric tons need to be moved, you probably will need help of SPMT.

The need for transporting much heavier loads inside an industrial facility where objects are over hundreds tons in weight led to the development of the Shipyard transport, In Plant-Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (IP-SPMT).