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Side Wall Semi Trailer

Sidewall cargo semi-trailer, namely cargo area has 600mm or 800mm side panel, widely used to transport cargo, high duty and extra durability designed I beam, with high tensile steel, welded by automatic submerged-arc processes. We select FUWA axle and spare parts are from famous brands, stability is good.

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Product Features

1. LUYI Vehicle adopts high strength steel material to manufacture the side wall semi-trailer, it can make the sidewall semi-trailer have a higher loading capacity and a longer service life
2. LUYI Vehicle uses an automatic arc-submerging welding method to weld the main beam, there isn’t an interface between the steel plate, it can ensure the integrated main beam, so the main beam is stronger and more durable.
3. To make sure the service life of the semi-trailers, all the spare parts we adopt are the World Famous brand. We use the famous German WABCO braking valve will definitely shorten the Braking Distance, to make the safety of the trailers and the drivers.
4. Also, the floor of the trailer is checker plate, this will keep the other bulk cargo more stable, like the bags, or long stuff.
5. The cross beam and the side beam are enhanced, the down plate of the main beam and the bottom plate of the gooseneck are all reinforced, it can ensure there is no curling during the using procedure.
6. There are 9 cross beams, the distance between two tilted supports is less than 45 centimeters, it can help the main beam have a better loading capacity.

Application and After-Sales Service

Design: the model and the fence structure are reasonably designed in combination with the user’s cargo category to fully reduce the weight of the carriage under load condition. The structure is simple and applicable. Easy to disassemble, reduce investment cost for users, create more profit value.
Materials: light and high strength steel and ordinary high strength steel, longer on and the whole through-beam welded into a space frame, can balance the frame, Strength, stiffness, toughness, strong bearing capacity, no permanent deformation.
Technology: longitudinal beam adopts flat or gooseneck type, web height from 400 to 500, longitudinal beam adopts automatic submerged arc welding, the frame adopts shot blasting.